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NuVu Festival is so happy to have our festival this year.
We are welcoming back all artists' from 2020
- which was postponed because of COVID.


1 Janis Brenner by J.S.Boroson - Janis B

Janis Brenner

Janis Brenner & Dancers

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Where-How-Why Trilogy (2023 revival)

Premiered: 2013

A series of connected solos, both virtuosic and introspective, that in subtle ways explore questions of place, relevance and reasons for continuing on an artistic path. The Trilogy premiered at The 92Y Harkness Dance Center in NYC in October, 2013. It was supported by individual contributions through Fractured Atlas, Inc. and rehearsal space at the Juilliard School.



Esme Boyce, Kara Chan, Kyla Barkin


Nai-Ni Chen
Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Movable Figures

Premiered: 1998

Inspired by the art of shadow puppetry, Nai-Ni Chen created this work not only to celebrate this unique form of art, but also to bring the audience to the new world of wonderment that she experienced when she first met the shadow puppets.  Movable Figures is also an experiment on expression within the body shapes and motion.  

Performers: Emma Branson, Candice Jarvis, Evan Matthew Stewart, Thibaut Witzleb, Kyle H. Martin, Namhui Kim.

2 Nai-Ni Chen by Carol Rossegg.jpg
3 Gabrielle Lamb by Charles Roussel.jpg
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Michelle Thompson Ulerich

Ready for Consumption 

Premiered: 2022

Ready for Consumption explores the beautiful and grotesque parts of devouring all things such as food, drugs, media, and more. The dancers teeter between consuming and being consumed. Michelle's work aims to create a visceral and emotional experience for the audience while also allowing them to uncover their own interpretations and impressions.


Performers: Shannon Harkins, Matilda Mackey, Emily Paige, Caleb Patterson, Ragin Smith,  Hannah Straney, Annie White 

4 Michelle Thompson Ulerich by Dan Rous.

Mikaela Papasodero - Mika and Co


Premiered: 2019
"Spectrum" was created in December 2018 and continues to develop. Mikaela was inspired to create the work from her life events. She has a cousin on the Autism Spectrum, and in August 2017, she found out her aunt, who cares for her cousin, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.                                                

"I'll never forget my mom breaking down crying, telling me about the situation, and wondering what would happen to my cousin. After hearing and seeing that, I remember thinking that I could never imagine what my cousin was going through."                       The piece explores the idea of how people with Autism react to various situations and view the world around them. It is composed of three solos that depict each level on the Autism Spectrum. Level 1(the blue solo) is the least severe/high functioning level. This solo focuses on a lack of social interaction and eye contact. Level 2 (the yellow solo) is where repetitive behaviors become prominent, and there is noticeable distress when coping with change. Level 3 (the red solo) is the most severe/low functioning level. This solo focuses on sensory overload when dealing with social interaction, repetition, adapting to change, and communication. I chose to do this because after reading/watching many interviews of people living with Autism, they stated that they often get offended when others generalize the disorder when, in reality, its this vast spectrum of different traits. I wanted to create a piece that did not put a negative outlook on Autism but instead produce a realization for the audience of what it is like to live with the disorder.                     The music was composed specifically for the piece by Josh Stitt. He created an original melody for the beginning that we both agreed reminded us of an early morning where the birds are chirping, and your coffee is made just right. We wanted everything seems calm and peaceful. As the piece progresses, that original melody is altered and changes to reflect each severity.

Performers: Mikaela Papasodero, Josh Stitt, Michelle Shea, and Lia Gagianas

6 Mikaela Papasodero by Rachel Russel Ph
Festival Lighting Designer           Jane Chan
Festival Stage Manager    Tala Munsterman
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